Book Review: A is for Abstinence by Kelly Orman

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


This book is from the point of view of Kyle Hamilton, the cocky rock star from V is for Virgin. It’s four years after the first book. Val has graduated college and Kyle is now trying a solo music career after the band’s break up. He’s gotten in touch with Val again and now he’s trying to convince her that he’s changed and deserves another chance.

What I Liked

  • This book was a lot better than the first one (you can see my review for that one, V is for Virgin, here). This one was an actual romance, which I’ve gotten into a lot lately.
  • The characters are older, and are able to make more adult decisions. It made the story more relatable to me – it was no longer just a frilly high school book. (It wasn’t that frilly before, but this book definitely had more substance.)
  • It was great to see Kyle work on improving his character for Val. And it was great to see that Val wasn’t going to compromise her values, even if she had strong feelings for Kyle.
  • It’s always fun to have a book set enough in the future that you get to see where each character ended up.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The characters acted a lot older than their ages. They were, for the most part, 21 and 22, but their decisions were much more mature and life-impacting that the decisions most people are making at that age. So that bothered me a little, but it wasn’t that bad.

In Conclusion

If you managed to make it through the first book, then you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

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Book Review: If We Were a Movie by Kelly Oram

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Nate is an avid music lover who is pursuing his dreams by studying music at NYU. He’s one of a triplet and no matter how hard he tries, his two brothers always seem to be screwing things up for him. After one too many unfortunately incidents, he ends up in a coffee shop talking to a random old lady (the matchmaker) who sets events in motion that affect his future.

Jordan is a cinephile who has a movie quote or scene for every situation. She introduces Nate to a new world away from his brothers. One filled with takeout, movies, and a drama-queen best friend.

This book got four out of five stars from me. I love everything I’ve read by Kelly Oram. While this book was cute there was one main element that bothered me. Since this is a romance novel and a matchmaker places Jordan and Nate together early on in the book, I would rather have read more about their relationship as it develops. However, for most of the novel, Nate is actually dating (and sleeping with) his girlfriend. I know it can happen, but it just felt wrong to me that he was falling in love with one girl while dating another. Overall though, it was a cute romance with pretty well developed characters.

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