Books Around the World: Monticello

This post won’t be as exciting as my one about Einsiedeln, but if you’re looking for a bookish place to visit, Monticello is a great place to go! I only have pictures of the outside of the building unfortunately, since you aren’t allowed to take pictures on the inside.

Monticello was Thomas Jefferson’s house, and is located near Charlottesville, Virginia in the United States. The grounds are beautiful and the inside of the house is super interesting. As a book lover, the best places was (obviously) the library. According to, at the peak of Thomas Jefferson’s book collecting, he had over 6000 books in his library! He sold them at one point, but if you tour the library today you will see a collection similar to the one he had at the time.

I visited this in January, which was beautiful. If you’re interested in the gardens though, I’ve heard spring or even summer is a better time to go.

Welcome to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello!
Isn’t it pretty? (This is the building on the back of the nickel, by the way.)

IMG_1522 (1)

The grounds!

This place is much cooler than I’m making it sound! Have any of you ever been to Monticello? What did you think? And what place should I add next on my bookish travel list?

❤ Annette

1 year ago: Books Around the World: Einsiedeln, Switzerland


Books Around the World: Einsiedeln, Switzerland

So I’ve done a fair bit of traveling, and for some of the places, I tried to get some awesome pictures of books, bookstores, or libraries. Today I have pictures from the library at the Benedictine Abbey in Einsiedeln, Switzerland. Others who have seen these pictures compared the library to the one in Beauty in the Beast. It’s pretty magnificent.

According to the abbey’s website, the library contains 1200 manuscripts, 580 of which were published before 1500!

einsiedeln 1

einsiedeln 3
The ravens are a reference to St. Meinrad of Einsiedeln
einsiedeln 4
Sorry if this picture is a little weird. The reflection is due to a glass case showcasing older books.

einsiedeln 5

einsiedeln 6
The music geek in me was fascinated by these older music books they had on display. With the music history knowledge I have, I would guess that these were written by hand.

einsiedeln 7einsiedeln 8

einsiedeln 2
This is what it looks like just outside the abbey. I used no filters/enhancements on this photo – it is really this vivid in real life!

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you thought.

❤ Annette