Bookish Gifts for Children

If you have a child who is too old to be a toddler but too young to be a teen, then this list is for you! Below are ten book themed gifts for children. (You can find all of my bookish gift guides here.)

(Amazon links are affiliate links, the other links are simply for your convenience.)

1. When in Doubt Go to the Library T-Shirt

This is a great shirt for all ages really. You can find it at Out of Print.


2. Book Print

What could be better than some bookish art to add color to the walls of their bedroom? My favorite is from Etsy and has an Emily Dickinson quote that says “To travel far, there is no better ship than a book.”

3. By the Book, a Novel Stacking Game

How cute is this game?? I’ve never played it, but if it’s as fun as it looks, it’ll be lots of entertainment! You can find it on Amazon.

4. Very Hungry Caterpillar Tote

I think discovering Out of Print was one of the best finds this year, for me at least. This Hungry Caterpillar tote would be perfect for carrying books to and from school or the library. (And to be honest, I want one too!)


5. Bookshelf

I wanted to feature those whimsical teacup shaped bookshelves that keep showing up on Pinterest, but they are apparently made by an Etsy artist and are out of stock. So here is a fun Mickey Mouse bookshelf I found on Amazon! They also have Minnie Mouse and Frozen versions as well. (I imagine ordering a bookshelf on Amazon is nicer than getting it at the store, because you don’t have to haul it home, it just shows up at your door. :P)

6. Book sling

If you don’t want to purchase or put together a bookshelf, you can always opt for a book sling (like this one from Amazon). I like these because they display the books pretty well, and are great for picture books because there’s not a height restriction. Plus, they’d tuck easily into the corner of a living room or bedroom, for easy access to even more awesome books. ūüôā

7. Bookworm bookmark

This one is for you crocheters out there – a DIY bookworm bookmark. You can find the free pattern here.

8. Bookmarks to color

A friend got me some bookmarks to color for my birthday this year, and I love them. Not only are the practical (you can never have too many bookmarks), but they’re a fun art project as well. The ones on sale at Target right now are ocean themed, but if that isn’t your child’s favorite, you can also search Etsy for lots of great options!

9. Legos

I know Scooby-Doo started out as a TV show and then became a book series, but since I loved (and still read) the books, I think it would be great to give Scooby-Doo legos (like these from Amazon). Pair them with a couple of the books and you have a great gift set!

10. Hungry Caterpillar Bookends

I’m sort of sorry I keep featuring Hungry Caterpillar items, but at the same time, not really. These bookends are sooooooo cute. Perfect for any child’s set of books!

What’s your favorite item from this list? Have you given or received any fantastic bookish gifts for children?


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Bookish Gifts for Toddlers

Welcome to my first post about bookish gifts! Today I’m featuring gifts for toddlers. I have three nephews under the age of five, so most of these gifts were picked with them in mind. Most of these gifts are not books, but can easily be given with one.

(Amazon links are affiliate links, the other ones are just for your convenience. ūüôā)

1. Hungry Caterpillar SocksThese are both adorable and practical! I know my nephews love the Hungry Caterpillar story because it’s repetitive enough for them to “read” by themselves! You can find these socks at Out of Print.


2. Hunger Caterpillar Plushie (See my post about the plushie here)
Something to snuggle during storytime. Plus, if you crochet, it’s a relatively inexpensive gift.

3. I Spy Book with I Spy Jar

This is another fun DIY gift. You basically put rice and a bunch of little toys in a clear bottle or jar to make a fun, shakeable, I Spy game. I think this would be fun to give with an I Spy book. A couple of my favorite tutorials for this can be found here and here. You can also just by one on Amazon.

4. Book Bag or Backpack

Your favorite toddler will definitely need something to carry their favorite books around, especially for frequent trips to the library! Here is a tutorial to make one of your own.

5. Lowly Worm Plushie

This is another crochet stuffed animal to snuggle with or play with while reading Richard Scarry. You can read my post about it here.

6. Blue Truck and Blue Truck

I can’t take credit for this one – my mom gave this to my nephew a couple of years ago. She bought the super cute truck pictured below and gave it with a copy of the board book¬†Little Blue Truck. My nephew especially loved the truck because its shape made it easy to play with.

7. Polar Bear Nursery Print

Really, any nursery print I think would be a great idea. My favorite is this print of a polar bear reading a book, which I found on Etsy. There are a lot of great options out there if this particular one doesn’t strike your fancy.

8. Dr. Suess Matching Game

I loved playing matching games when I was younger. So why not pick up one that’s book themed? Pictured below is a Dr. Suess one from Amazon, but you can also find ones that are Curious George, Eric Carle, or Richard Scarry themed.

9. Curious George T-Shirt

Curious George (or “Monkey George” to my nephews) is another popular book character for toddlers. I love this t-shirt, which is another great find from Out of Print.


Alphabet Blocks
Exposing them to the alphabet at a young age will hopefully help them foster a love for reading and writing different words.

There are a lot of great options out there! I’m still finding great adorable stuff. What else would you add to this list?


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A Week of Bookish Gift Guides

If you’re still doing some Christmas shopping, I have some good news! This week I will be posting gift guides (one a day) for all the book lovers in your family. Below is the list of anticipated posts – I will try to turn them into links when the actual posts come out. I hope you enjoy them – I definitely enjoyed putting them together!

The list contains mostly items, not just books, because I think it’s fun to mix things up. Plus, there are quite a lot of great book themed items out there! Most of these aren’t holiday specific, so you can use the gift guides for Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, and more.

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DIY Bookish Gifts

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Bookish Christmas Decorations

Happy holidays! I love this entire season, so you’ll be seeing many posts from me about Christmas. (Christmas is what I celebrate, but if you celebrate something else [or nothing at all] I hope you have a great December as well!)

Without further ado, here are some awesome bookish Christmas decorations I found, mostly via Pinterest. Because none of the images are mine, you will only find links to the original posts below. Go check them out! ūüôā

  • Book Page Decopauged Christmas Ornament
    • This is one of many super cute bookish Christmas ornaments. The original creator made this with a map, but it could easily be done with book pages!
  • Book of Christmas Cards
    • I think this is a fantastic way to store your Christmas cards, in a way you can see them year after year!
  • Wreath Made with Book Pages
    • I’m not sure if this would be simpler or harder than it looks. It’s both complex and simple looking.
  • Christmas Card with Book Pages
    • I love how they used strips of print to make a Christmas tree on the card. Simple, yet beautiful.
  • Book Place Setting
    • This is perfect for a fancy holiday dinner. It only links to a Pinterest pin, since I can’t find the original source. ūüė¶ Let me know if you know who it belongs to!
  • Star Garland
    • This links to an Etsy listing, in case you don’t want to make it on your own. ūüôā They can be made with maps or book pages or sheet music. How fun!
  • Christmas Tree Made of Books
    • Perfect for a library or any other bookish setting.
  • Book Advent Calendar
    • I love this idea – to open and read a Christmas book each day of advent. I loved all the Christmas books we had as a child and I would have loved the surprise that comes with this tradition.
  • Poinsettia Made with Book Pages
    • This is so cute! She uses it on cards, but I think you could also use it as a decoration or even for gift wrapping.
    • Here’s another version of a book page poinsettia.

Which one is your favorite? Did I miss any great bookish Christmas decorations? Let me know in the comments below!

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Ten Books I Want My Future Children to Read

This is another installment of The Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday. Today we are sharing ten books we want our children (or future children) to read.

Most of the books below are listed because I enjoyed them so much as a child that I want my children to have the same experience.

(Clicking on the pictures will take you to Amazon through an affiliate link.)

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

I loved this book when I first read it in fifth grade. I loved how the author played with words like “jumping to conclusions” and “on the tip of your tongue”. It was just such a magical world.

Little Critter by Mercer Mayer

Both of my parents would read these stories to me as a child. I think my favorite was Little Critter’s These Are My Pets. I even had the treasury to read from as I got older. Little Critter has such a wide variety of experiences, it’s fantastic.

Time Stops for No Mouse by Michael Hoeye

This book is such a great mystery adventure. I think it’s really undersold – I’ve never seen anyone recommend it. Which is a shame, because it’s a great book!

Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix

This is another book that I loooved as a child. It’s about a girl who thinks she is living in the 1840s, but soon finds out that she lives in modern day. Because the people who run the 1840s society won’t hand out medicine, she must embark on a journey to save them from diphtheria.

Holes by Louis Sachar

This was the first children’s book I remember reading that had a lot of moving pieces that pulled together perfectly in the end. This fascinated me.

The BFG by Roald Dahl

Most of Roald Dahl’s stories are magical. This is no exception.

School Story by Andrew Clements

Another great story.

Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling

I would be remiss if I didn’t include this on my list! I read the first book in the series when I was in third grade and Harry Potter grew up as I grew up.

Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish

This is a great picture book series about someone named Amelia Bedelia who takes everything literally. For example, when playing baseball, if someone yells “Go home!”, she’ll run to her house instead of home base.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr., John Archambault, and Lois Ehlert

Skit skat skoodle-doot, flip flop flee! I’ll race you to the top of the coconut tree!

What books would you add to this list?

‚̧ Annette

10 Books I Want My Future Children to Read

Hot Air Balloon Books on My TBR List

As you are reading this, I’m off at Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta! I’ve gone the past two years and as long as I’m living in the area, I’m not going to miss it! It’s absolutely beautiful and each experience is fantastic.

So today’s post is about hot air balloon related books on my TBR. One of them got there because it saw it on sale at the festival. The rest of them are the result of an Amazon search. I hope you enjoy!

Ultimate Hot Air Balloon Bucket List 

This one looks super intriguing. The title and cover don’t lend itself to excitement, but I’ve had a chance to flip through the book and it looked pretty great.

Hot Air The (Mostly) True Story of the First Hot Air Balloon Ride 

This looks like a super cute children’s book.

Oriland Balloon Ride (Origami Hot Air Balloons) 

These look like super awesome origami balloons.

The Twenty One Balloons 

I’ve never heard of this book, but apparently it’s a classic? So I’ll have to check it out.

Mystery of the Hot Air Balloon (Boxcar Children) 

I loved the Boxcar children series when I was younger! I don’t remember reading this one, but it sounds great! (I sort of miss series where it doesn’t end up in apocalypse… it’s just a snippet of someone’s life, so it can keep going and going and going.)

Ballooning, A History 

It’d be pretty cool to learn about the history of balloons I think.

Early History of Ballooning 

Another history book.

Romance with a Side of Green Chile 

This looks like a cute romantic novella.

Balloon Boy of San Francisco 

I think this is a based-on-true-life story that sounds pretty unbelievable.

Max and Maddy and the Bursting Balloons Mystery 

Another cute balloon themed children’s books.


Did I miss any awesome hot air balloon-y books? Have any of you been to the festival? What did you think?

‚̧ Annette

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Great Books for Teaching Math

I have another list today whose topic comes from the Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday. (I’ll be linking up there too.) This week’s post is supposed to be about anything related for back-to-school. So I have for you ten books for teaching math. These are books that I remember from my own school days, ones I learned about as an education major (and math minor), or just ones I’ve discovered on my own. I’ve tried to list them in order from youngest target audience to oldest target audience, but a lot of them are flexible and can be used for many grades.

(Post contains affiliate links.)

My Very First Number Book by Wilkes

This book is for those who are just discovering the world of numbers. It introduces the concept in an awesome, colorful way.

Dinner at the Panda Palace by Stephanie Calmenson (illustrated by Nadine Wescott)

This is a cute counting book. It follows Mr. Panda as he works to seat different sized groups of animals, from ten ???? down to one small mouse.

The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins

This book follows a family as they try to divide up their cookies for the guests that just keep coming!

One Grain of Rice by Demi

Even though this is a picture book, the story still fascinates me today. The main character gets one grain of rice on the first day. The next day she gets two, then after that four, and so on, doubling each day. It’s fun to see how quickly the amount of rice gets out of hand!

The M&M’s Brand Counting Book

I remember working on learning how to make bar graphs with this book. It was fun and, since it happened 15 or so years ago, memorable. The only trouble might be getting children to wait to eat their M&Ms.

Math Curse by Jon Scieszka

I learned about this one in one of my elementary education classes. It’s an awesome book about a girl who hates math and wants to be rid of it forever – only to discover that it’s everywhere!

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table by Cindy Neuschwander and Wayne Geehan

This is another book that I learned about in college. Sir Cumference actually has a bunch of pun-worthy math related books that make great introductory stories to different mathematical concepts. (Like circumference, for example. ūüôā)

Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School by Louis Sachar

This is a companion math book that uses the characters and settings established in Sachar’s¬†Sidways Stories from Wayside School¬†series. Although the target audience for his chapter books is probably late elementary school (grades 3-6 or so), a lot of the math in this book is a little more challenging and may even be fun to pick up in junior high and high school.

Spurious Correlations by Tyler Vigen

I was gifted this book as an adult. It’s full of graphs that correlate two unrelated things, like beef consumption and number of people struck by lightning. It’s a great way to show that correlation does not always equal causation. Be sure to read the book before you hand it off to any students though. I don’t remember if all topics were appropriate.

Flatland by Edwin Abbot

To be fair I haven’t yet read this entire book, but it was referred to a lot by my Calculus 3 teacher. What I have read was quite interesting – it goes over all the intricacies that go into a the two-dimensional society of Flatland.

So those are all of my math related books for you! Which ones would you add to this list?

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